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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Truth About Dachshunds

This is from the Nebraska Dachshund Adoption organization's web site:

What Are Dachshunds Like?
It Depends on Who You Ask…

Non-Dachshund Lovers Say: Clingy
Dachshund Lovers Say: Cuddly 

Non-Dachshund Lovers Say: Reckless
Dachshund Lovers Say: Fearless 

Non-Dachshund Lovers Say: Pushy
Dachshund Lovers Say: Confident 

Non-Dachshund Lovers Say: Stubborn
Dachshund Lovers Say: Tenacious

Non-Dachshund Lovers Say: Manipulative
Dachshund Lovers Say: Intelligent 

Non-Dachshund Lovers Say: Bad with Kids
Dachshund Lovers Say: Discipline kids that need it anyway 

Non-Dachshund Lovers Say: Needy
Dachshund Lovers Say: Loving 

Non-Dachshund Lovers Say: Hard to Housetrain
Dachshund Lovers Say: OK, we'll give you that one


  1. Hi I'm your new follower
    I have a smooth-coat dachshund name Moochy =)

  2. Hi thanks for putting my site's link under your - OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD BLOGS...Yes I am from the Philippines. Can you also add my site tag like:" I.Am.Dial." beside the Philippines? So much thanks! =)

    -Daryll Dial-Villena-

  3. I love the sweaters! Do they fit other small breeds? Like a dachshund? How can I buy one?

  4. Hi Allaboutourdogs...thank you for your interest in my WarmWeenies sweaters.
    Yes, I sew for all small breeds (especially dachshunds) up to about 23 lbs. To see what is available and/or to purchase go to www.warmweenies.etsy.com I also do custom orders (made to fit).